Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There is hope

Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog blog. What is here that isn't in every other blah blog? In a word - hope. Okay, hope knocks out a large percentage; but there are still an inordinate number of blogs out there offering hope in one fashion or another. Let me narrow it down with two more words - in Jesus. This eliminates blogs that promote hope though the U.S. President, conservation, economics, or religion.

Though a small percentage of the ever increasing blogs on the world wide web; that still leaves a multitude of excellent blogs that lead to the only hope that lasts beyond life on planet Earth. I encourage you to search for those that, along with this blog, share the good news. Which is that every man, woman, boy, and girl has been offered the free gift of everlasting hope through Jesus Christ. He is the only Way to eternal life. It is a free gift but it must be accepted, on Jesus' terms, to be effective.

Hopelessness abounds in our world. I have touched it, tasted it, felt it. There are two main causes of hopelessness; complete success and complete failure. Complete success hopelessness gets the most media attention. This is the person who attains everything they ever wanted and more; yet, inside, are still empty.

Complete failure hopelessness results after life has knocked you down one time too many or has knocked you down so hard you don't want to experience anything like that again. Most people can relate to failure; not near as many can relate to complete failure.

I use the term "complete" knowing that no one ever reaches that level of success or failure. Both are a mental mindset. Once I am a complete is said you are . . . mentally; until someone or something comes along to change your perspective. Regardless of what you put after complete you are wrong. But it feels right so you are sure that it is right. This is where the wheels tend to come off. You go by what you feel instead of by fact and reason; and all of a sudden what you feel is fact to you. Most of the time, going by feelings over reason is attributed to women. However, males are guilty of this too. Females may show it more, but men cave to how they feel too. Feel like a failure; a complete failure?

 I'm glad you're here.

     There is hope!   There is hope!   There is hope!      

Future topics are: a word by word analysis of the blog sub-heading, what is success, the importance of reminders, hope, get it out, don't go it alone, you are not what you do, and gain from loss.  

In order for this blog to accomplish anything I must hear from you. How do you define success? Have you changed you definition of success? What's your success story? What's your loss story?          

What will it take for you to have abundant life after loss?