Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abundant life right now

Abundant Life After Loss

Few Christians would say they have an abundant life. Yet, the Bible says, in John 10:10, that Jesus came that His followers may have life and have it more abundantly. Have is present tense. We have abundant life now, right now, at this moment.

Yet many Christians, myself included, live as if abundant life is future; something to be attained. We confuse abundant life with a life of abundance. Some translations use the phase "to the full". The Message reads: 

I came so they can have real 
and eternal life, 
more and better life than they ever dreamed of. 

I like that description of full and abundant life. 

The focus is on the quality, how well we live, not the quantity, how much we obtain. 

A synonym for abundant is "alive with". We should strive for a life that is alive with love, compassion, and hope. This life will naturally flow into other's lives and from their lives into yet other's lives  Now that's an abundant life! God did not place us on this earth to get possessions. He placed us here to give. To give of ourselves for others; as He gave of Himself for us. It is for this reason we are alive. We have everything in Christ. What more abundance is there to attain? Let's live that abundant life He came to give us. Now.